Calling all musicians, writers, and storytellers! Connections forged through art and creative expressions are more important than ever during the pandemic. That's why, Incite Magazine, and The Muse have teamed up to bring an open mic night to McMaster's digital communities. Join us on Thursday December 3 6PM-8PM EST on Zoom.

Bring a song, story, poem, or anything else you've got to share, or just come and destress for a nice break from the books.

If you are interested in performing, please register now. Participants have the option of performing live on the night of, or submitting a recording of yourself in advance that we'll play when it's your turn. To ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate, each performer is limited to 10 minutes. If there are additional spots open on the night of the event, you are more than welcome to provide additional performances!

Please note: while registering to perform at the event is not required, registering ahead of time ensures that you'll have a time slot. You'll also be sent a schedule of the performances in advance if you were only able to make it for part of the evening.

Bring a snack, call in, and kick back with us! Please contact one of the event co-hosts if you would like to discuss any accommodations. Captions will be set up on